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Who decides what is legal and not legal in cheerleading music?

In 2016, USA Cheer released a set of Music Guidelines dictating how cheerleading music would be made from that point forward.  They have set up a framework of rules, and a process to certify their "Preferred Providers" who are able to produce and properly license music within the cheer industry.  In addition (and more importantly), we must also strictly abide by US Copyright Law.  We here at Cheer Solutions diligently adhere to BOTH the USA Cheer Music Guidelines AND US Copyright Law.

Are "cover songs" legal in cheerleading music?

The general answer to that question is - NO!  To fully answer this question, we must dive a little deeper into US Copyright Law.  Let's first "define" what every traditional cheerleading mix is in the eyes of the law - it is called a "derivative work".  A "derivative work" is defined by US Copyright Law as: a work based on or derived from one or more already existing works; common derivative works include translations, musical arrangements, motion picture versions of literary material or plays, art reproductions, abridgments, and condensations of preexisting works.  Any cheerleading music producer who is mixing and combining songs & samples from multiple sources, layering hundreds of sounds together, and altering the tempo of that production - is creating a "derivative work".  Our copyright/entertainment attorney (and the attorney's of every other cheer music production company that we have spoken with) has told us that the use of "cover songs" within the scope of a "derivative work" is unequivocally ILLEGAL.  Regardless of what various cover music providers may advertise about the "rights" transferred with the purchase of their works - "cover songs" are ILLEGAL within the scope of mixed productions under US Copyright Law.

The only manner in which "cover songs" can be used in the realm of cheerleading music is to utilize the "one song method".  To quote from USA Cheer Music Guidelines, "if teams and coaches wish to only use a single song in their routine, they may bring a legally purchased (from iTunes, Amazon, etc.) copy of that recording to be used at the applicable event. Teams may not re-mix these recordings in any way (such as adding sound effects, changing tempo or mixing with any other recordings), but teams may make minor edits for timing purposes only (for example, removing a chorus or bridge to fit the duration of the team’s performance)."

What type of "content" does Cheer Solutions use to create its mixes?

At Cheer Solutions, we utilize a combination of 100% ORIGINAL CONTENT, as well as PROPERLY LICENSED 3rd-PARTY SONG CONTENT.  From an expense standpoint, original content is obviously much more expensive, as we have to start from scratch with writing, composing, recording, mixing, etc.  Utilizing properly licensed 3rd-party content can save some time and expense in producing modern cheerleading music.  The pricing of our packages will reflect that "ratio" of original content vs licensed content contained in the mix.

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